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the C&J story

Photographic team and couple David Crookes & Nicola Jackson create visual languages for luxury brands across the world - their commissions allow them to roam from the editorial world into commercial assignments and enjoy the beautiful cross-pollination of both head-spaces. C&J are legacy contributors and on the masthead of Conde Nast Traveller, collaborators with New York Times, Departures, Sunday Times, National Geographic Traveller, Lux, Travel+Leisure, Visi, House And Lesiure and many more iconic media brands. They have launched lodges, upscaled visual languages and helped build visual archives for travel icons and tourist boards. Their work uses their distinctive photographic and creative director backgrounds to create campaigns of photographs and films that create a sense of place like nobody else.


 C&J live across two continents, have collaborated for 25 years and travelled to more than 80 countries together some many times over. Both have Honours degrees in Fine Art, post-grads in colour theory and copywriting, respectively, as well as skill-sets and instincts that connect and enhance their shared aesthetic. As a team, C&J are commissioned to create visual languages for editorial stories, brands, hotels, lodges and countries.To request a quote for C&J to create an iconic archive of images and films for your brand, please get in touch with

"Nobody captures  luxury like 

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