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VISIT Rwanda | BY Crookes&Jackson

In collaboration with Conde Nast Traveller and Visit Rwanda, Crookes&Jackson travelled to Rwanda for their 3rd time and this time for a month. Travelling north, south, east and west to showcase the wild safari lands of Akagera National Park, the chimpanzees of Nyungwe National Park, the gorillas of the Virungas and the cultural highlights of the country by road, helicopter, boat, kayak and foot. It was an epic and the interviews, wildlife moments and films capture the adventure, culture and primate journey as well as the spirit of the people with their great love of their country and its treasures.

Crookes&Jackson created the visual language for the stunning Bisate Wilderness Lodge in Rwanda. With separate villas woven into the fabric of the forest, this lodge and its proximity to the famous gorilla treks of Volcanoes National Park, is a literal game changer.

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