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This month we completed a photographic assignment from the Delta and it's set to run across 12 magnificent pages in Travel+Leisure. With 16 million readers per month, T+L has truly incredible reach and can literally swing travel trends - the story also had an interesting angle. The brief was to romance experienced ​'​big-five​'​ travellers - those who know Africa well and are seeking a safari challenge - they're adding to their 'life list'. Our editor had a birding wish-list and so the challenge was set. Not even the guides had seen a Pel's Fishing Owl for months but we got insanely lucky, David suggested an impromptu coffee stop on the banks of a scenic river and just as we were pouring the first cup he spotted a Pel's literally roosting above us, he was on a kill and relaxed, just incredible. As always, Botswana overdelivered and in amongst the photogenic bee-eaters and spoon-bills, owls and horn-bills we came across wild dogs, leopard every day, lion from every generation and those magnificent landscapes and cloudscapes. We absolutely loved it.

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